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Niche Market Examples

In the marketing world, you hear a lot about micro-marketing, niche definition, and so forth. But not a lot about WHY this kind of focused and disciplined approach is important.

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Ahh, the Special Report. The king-pin 5 themes of geography the Opt-In page. Without it, you diminish its effectiveness rather significantly. You want to create a simple 10 – 20 page document with helpful, but not exhaustive, information. The best way to go about this is to finish this sentence, “3 Secrets to . . .” Be sure it speaks to something you are an expert in, such as “hanging artwork”, “building teams”, or “executing your vision”.

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After choosing the location of your adventure it is important to note weather or not there is water available. Be careful to read notes on sources of water like rivers and streams as some of these sources may be seasonal. Even if there is water available it must be treated before it is potable. There are many methods which are available. Be sure to research what feels right to you. You can boil water, use chlorine bleach, or iodine to purify your water. Be sure to bring instructions on water purification if you are not absolutely familiar with the process you intend to use. Water born ailments are more common in back packing than most other injuries which may arise.

Let your arms and gestures be an extension of the words you’re saying and think about how you can communicate size, time, numbers, geography, etc. with you hands. Gestures are a great way to add punch to your speech, get rid of nervous energy and generate a temporary boost in your volume and vocal inflection.

As far as I am concerned, the more interactive the 5 themes of geography definition may be, the more interested a child will be. The more interested they become, the more they learn. Even though the mention of geography might elicit yawns from your kids, there are ways to make it fun and interesting.

Of course, Americans also have a serious guilt complex about a wide variety of things. Personally, as an American I discovered after 3 days in Israel that I have a love of apologizing for the most minor infringements or possible intrusions. “Oh, you had to give me a ride-sorry for troubling you!” Or when meeting a friend, “Sorry for making you wait!” We can’t help it, we feel guilty. Even if we’re not sure why, it makes us feel better to apologize all the time. But in Israel you can’t get say sorry for long without being asked, “Why are you apologizing for everything?” It’s a good question to which I don’t have the answer.

Give your child a brief lesson in politics by having them research the amount of electoral votes for their state. For older kids, up the ante and include each state governor.

Use groups. Look for groups that may contain your target market. In your search for groups, use keywords that describe your niche, your industry, your geographic area, the interests of your target market, or whatever other terms you might use to find members of your target market. Join and begin to participate in the group so that they begin to get to know you. Then peruse the member lists for good prospects, sic as the members you’ve connected with or have gotten to know. Since you won’t be able to view the profiles of the group members because they aren’t in your network, much of your decision-making about whom to friend may be based upon appearance or how you might be connected to them via other friends in your network.

The days of teachers with red eyes has already gone. Nobody expects a Uriah Heap. The process that he wants to follow is nothing but a big flop. Today at school the kids may learn with the help of fun. Without fun thy fail to learn. It is almost an obvious fact. If the kids are encouraged to play games that teach mathematics they may lean how to add, multiply, subtract and divide in the funniest manner.

Added to the list of goodies included in your entry is 5,000 frequent flier miles for Spirit Airlines. In addition, the male and female winners of both the marathon and the half marathon will receive round trip vouchers from Spirit Airlines.

There are no mistakes and there are no failures. Life and business is a life long journey of learning to get the results you want from the experience of trying. The mindset of thinking that every attempt that you try to succeed or change your life and you didn’t get the results you wanted comes from a place of fear. As entrepreneurs, when we don’t get the results we expect, we evaluate, we apologize, we adjust and we move forward. 80% of what we try doesn’t work. The other 20% we monetize and systematize it.


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