Iran 14-0 Cambodia: Women attend Tehran match for first time in 40 years


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Iran thrashed Cambodia 14-0 in their 2022 World Cup qualifier about the day girls were officially allowed to see the game.
Although the outcome will significant than the attendance four targets in also a hat-trick out of Sardar Azmoun, Karim Ansarifard and 2 each from Mohammad Mohebi and Mehdi Taremi did a lot of their harm to the Cambodians.
Authorities had pre-selected them Though a couple of girls had observed the match of a men before; that was the very first time women were allowed to get tickets on sale, even though they were restricted to their particular department.
Tickets were sold for the specific womens section a whole hour before the match started – with the remaining portion of the scene empty.
After we arrived, girls and women were observing already and cheering for the national team.
The excitement was a rush – to be allowed into the scene for the first time.
They treated us very respectfully at the entry to the ground, from where we took buses to get to scene itself.
Were very, very happy and eager to find the pitch, for actual, for the first time in our lives.
Within the scene I couldnt hear myself speak.
You will find supervisors from Fifa who arrived to watch and check the behavior of the Iranian authorities.
Girls were observing with an hour to go to kick off – the men had not even arrived.
The strain on Iran to allow girls to watch soccer matches without restriction had already been increasing after Fifa brought in statutes that banned countries from discriminating against fans on the grounds of gender, but the death of Sahar Khodayari – known as theblue girl – following her arrest whilst attempting to see a national football match made Fifa insist they wouldstand firm over girls being let in.
But Amnesty International called the 3,500 figure atoken number and apublicity stunt awarded the stadium has a capacity of 78,000.
Considering that the media attention in the narrative, many of the fans were interviewed by journalists in their way in – including 11.
Female photographers were not allowed in.
An issue was also that the toilet facilities were quite scant, provided the Azadi Stadium, constructed in 1971, had not predicted to have to adapt girls.
It is a significant moment – its also a bittersweet one.
It took the life of a young girl for international pressure to mount to find Iranian authorities to permit women within the stadiums.
It still was not on grounds that are equal – girls were allocated tickets that are very limited to the game. The scene was empty out of the womens section.
Got to the stadium and werent permitted to get them .
We have to ask why it got to this stage a woman needed to set herself on fire to put sufficient pressure to allow its strategy to be changed by this.
Girls have been fighting for this right to the last four decades. However, it was not on motives – even professional female photographers were not allowed into take photos of the game.

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