Oscars 2019 Best Picture Winner Predictions


Together with the Oscars right round the corner, it is time to have a look at which films have the best shot of winning Best Picture. This is the awards race in recent memory. From the industry guilds, no movie won several prizes for the first time ever. Two of these victors, Eighth Grade and Can You Forgive Me? (that the Writers Guild winners), are not Best Picture nominees in the 91st Academy Awards, entirely flummoxing even those who’ve been predicting the Oscars for years. It is anybody’s ballgame, which adds an element of intrigue to the proceedings. In some ways, it’s more interesting this way than in a usual year when one or two frontrunners emerge far ahead of the pack.
Now, it is probably easier to state what won’t win, but we’re going to attempt to create sense of the finest Picture field. Here are the eight movies in the running ranked from most likely to least likely to take the gold statue home.
Alfonso Cuar??n’s romantic, semi-autobiographical look at a middle class family’s maid’s life in Mexico City is rightfully one of the most acclaimed films of 2018. It scored the most Oscar nominations of any movie this season (10) and has experienced a lot of success from the precursors. Ironically, most of its notable wins are for Cuar??n’s leadership, however, Roma was also received Best Picture in the Critics’ Choice Awards and the BAFTAs. This is a movie that just about everybody agrees is exceptionally crafted and well-acted, meaning it should do well on the preferential ballot. Academy members have tremendous regard for Cuar??n, and Roma’s set of acting nominations imply it struck a chord with the actors branch – the biggest Academy branch there is.

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