Patrick Day: Charles Conwell writes emotional letter to injured opponent


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Boxer Charles Conwell has written an emotional letter because he struggles for his life after their bout in Chicago.
Day, 27, is in a slump inan extremely critical illness after suffering a serious brain injury.
He was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital after a 10th-round knockout in the super-welterweight struggle.
I never meant that to happen to youpersonally, all I wished to do was to win, wrote Days American compatriot Conwell, 21.
When I could take it all back, I would. No-one deserves this to happen to them.
Conwell submitted a link with all the to the letter on websites.
He said this could be the final time that he talked on the subject because it wasa sensitive subject for Days family members and friends, the game of boxing.
I replay the struggle repeatedly in my head thinking what if that happened and why didnt it happen to you, said Conwell.
I can not stop thinking about it all myself. I prayed for you so many times and shed so many tears because I could imagine the way my loved ones members and friends would feel.
I find you anywhere you go and that I hear will be amazing things about you personally.
I thought of quitting boxing however I know thats not what you would want.
I know that you were a fighter at heart so I decided not to, and also to struggle and win a domain because thats exactly what you wanted and that is what I want so that I will use you as motivation daily and be sure I leave everything in the ring every moment.
He signs off with #ChampPatrickDay. With compassion. Charles Conwell.
Days coach Joe Higgins responded:Thank you for your kind words. So our relationship is unique, patrick was born throughout the road from me.
He would have needed you to remain. I am really rooting for you to achieve your fantasy, the one hed.
I also am distraught because I feel responsible but do realize there is no fault. Stay strong and please dont think we blame you.
The treasure moments

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