Sebastian Vettel: Can the four-time F1 champion turn around his form?


Following the four-time world champion season lurched in the GP, sebastian Vettel has been backed to turn his form from the top boss of Ferrari.
Vettel’s early spin out of fourth place – and resultant pit-lane punishment for what was deemed by stewards for a’dangerous’ clash on his own return to the trail with Lance Stroll – came on the afternoon team-mate Charles Leclerc stopped Ferrari’s nine-year wait patiently for a house Monza success using a stirring win facing the Tifosi.
Vettel errors add to a succession of mistakes in race conditions over the past two seasons – but Ferrari’s chief executive, Louis Camilleri, insists people are more happy to write off among the F1’s most-successful actually motorists.
Talking to Sky Sports F1 because Ferrari celebrated Monza victory, Camilleri confessed”we are going to need to lift his spirits” but insisted:”I don’t like the fact that folks are attempting to write off Seb.
“He’s an amazing driver and I have every assurance that Seb’s likely to come back.”
Camilleri’s view was shared with Mercedes’ Toto Wolff, who does not overlook that Vettel will return to his form.
“Do not write him off, because he is a four-time world champion,” said Wolff to reporters.
“The difference between the wonderful ones and the good ones will be that the great ones can get up and I have no doubt that he can do that.
“He had a spell of poor races and it will be on the ability to return to where he deserves to be. Now, for certain is a terrible day for him.”
But is Leclerc now Ferrari’s number one?
Although Ferrari are effectively not in the entire tournament fight, despite Leclerc wins the intra-team struggle for supremacy between the team driver has come to be one of F1 2019’s most important stories.
Ferrari started this season by stating they’d provide ancient precedence in 50-50 calls for Vettel, however, Leclerc has consistently outperformed the 32-year-old lately.
Leclerc claimed their first two wins of 2019 in consecutive weekends and has qualified in the last seven races. Leclerc moved ahead of Vettel by 13 points at the Drivers’ Championship.
“Mattia has stated they are equivalent,” explained Camilleri.
“We started the season like this [with Vettel as priority], things evolve over time.”
But can Vettel, whose Ferrari contract runs at the end of 2020, reassert himself against the Leclerc on the remainder of the season?
Sky F1’s Nico Rosberg believes former rival and his countryman finds himself in a tough place – but says Vettel will work his way.
“This instant has to be quite so dim because of him. His team-mate only became an absolute Ferrari legend and has accepted the number one standing in the group, probably, from him,” said Rosberg.
“Vettel is one of those guys with a lot of self-confidence, so that’s definitely going to help him much through this. And it that it only takes one raceone really strong race, and you are back.
“We should not write him off because he can come back very fast – but it is not a simple one.”
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