Sports Betting as an Investment – Dr. Bob Sports


Making Money

Many people think that sports gambling is about finding’sure things,’ but in fact such’guards’ are nothing more than gamblers’ fancy. As in property, currency, stocks, or some other speculative market,’certain things’ simply do not exist. As a professional sports bettor, my goal is to find and exploit many smaller edges over a long period of time to make a compounding return. Winning 55% of matches is quite significant, and with very conservative bet sizing, it is possible to increase your return very quickly. Investing $10,000 into the stock market for a year and earning a 10% return is considered a fantastic investment — but the return winning a small 54 percent of your sports bets would trounce that return.
My selections have afforded a risk adjusted return. Obviously, the variance from season to season is formidable, but as anybody who had a significant sum invested in shares or property in 2008 can tell youpersonally, such swings aren’t restricted to sports. In the long run, my advantage in what I do is far greater than the border that you could aspire to gain in any other speculative industry.

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